Welcome to Vibrant Balance, your resource center for easy access to simple, natural methods for heart-centered, vibrant living.

My name is Angela Shim.  

My passion is to inspire, educate and empower families to break through limitations and challenges to create vibrant, healthy and balanced lives.




As your Core Vitality Coach, I am here to guide you to:

  • attune to your body’s own inner wisdom and balance  
  • activate and nourish your best internal support team, your immune system.

Drop in often as we continue to enhance this website with information on ways to raise our vibrational energy and support our immune system naturally. 


Join our Choose Vibrant Health meetup group to be kept informed of experiential wellness events and workshops in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southern Ontario.    

You will find me on Facebook and Twitter as CoachAngela and on LinkedIn as Angela Shim.


Connect with me and my wellness community via the following Facebook pages and groups:

Angela Shim – Vibrant Balance

Essential Oils Nutrition 

Paths to Abundance


Whole Child Network 


I believe in fostering open sharing and collaboration across multiple wellness platforms for the greater good of all.  Like-minded holistic health practitioners, wellness educators and entrepreneurs are welcome to join and contribute to the Greater Toronto Wellness Collaboration Network. Our group’s motto is to inspire a thriving wellness community where together we create more! 

Join me in growing the Whole Child Network, a non-profit resource support network whose goal is to connect parents, caregivers, educational and health professionals plus all other stakeholders interested in supporting the well-being of sensitive young people to share ideas and best practices.  Connect with other like-minded people sharing resources while receiving event updates via our Whole Child Network meetup site.