Past Events

May 9, 2009:            Practical Sacred Geometry with Sandra Sweetman

May 22, 2009:          Heart Metta: Find the Ways to Unlock Your Happiness with Sandra Sweetman   (Details)

May 23-24, 2009:    Practical Energy Management with Sandra Sweetman

June 12, 2009:         Heart Metta: Find the Ways to Unlock Your Happiness with Sandra Sweetman

June 13-14, 2009:   Light Language Level I & II Workshop with Sandra Sweetman   (Light Language Brochure)

Sep 20-27, 2009:     Advanced Light Language Retreat at Carriage Ridge Resort, Ontario with Sandra Sweetman

Jul 24, 2010:            Whole Child Network Family Fun & Wellness Picnic at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Oct 17, 2010:           Spiritual Aromatherapy with Yvonne Connell

Dec 5, 2010:             Creating Aromatic Gifts for the Holiday Season with Yvonne Connell

Jan 16, 2011:           Superfoods & Essential Oils Cooking Series: Chase Away Your Winter Blues

                                        with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Feb 13, 2011:           Superfoods & Essential Oils Cooking Series: Enjoy Your Sweets Guilt Free

Mar 6, 2011:            Stress Management Support with Essential Oils Hands On Blending Workshop

                                        with Yvonne Connell

Mar 6, 2011:            Whole Child Network Meetup Release Stress, Anger & Brain Fog with Relaxation

                                        Breathing Techniques

May 1, 2011:            Vibrant Balance sponsors A Woman’s Worth Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising 

                                       Luncheon and Seminar

Jul 19, 2011:            Light Language Sacred Geometry – 108 Advanced Toruses Teleclass with

                                       Sandra Sweetman

Jul 21, 2011:            Essential Oils Backyard Party + Bugs & Allergy Relief hosted at Moments of Joy





Please also check the Choose Vibrant Health meetup for a list of upcoming events