Nutritional Immunology

E. Excel CEO & Nutritional Immunology Visionary Founder


We are born inherently with the best doctor in the world — our immune system. When our immune system is functioning properly, it serves as a strong defence from most illnesses.

Nutrition and proper care of the body can do wonders for the immune system. Regardless of the condition of our health, our bodies constantly require nutrition. When we are healthy, wholesome nutrition can prevent us from getting sick. Similarly, when we are sick, proper nourishment can help us recover from illness.

Nutritional Immunology is a science that studies the relationship between nutrition and the immune system. Healthful foods contribute to a strong immune response system, which fights disease-causing bacteria. Many people make an extra effort to be aware of nutrition when they are sick, but few take the preventative measures that could have stopped the illness before it started. The essence of Nutritional Immunology promotes overall health regulation on an ongoing basis rather than only repairing the problem once it occurs.

The average life span of a human today is around 70 years. But experts have theorized that if people were to eat healthier, the life span of a human being could almost double to an incredible 120 years! The power to improve and extend our own lives is within our grasp.

The world of medical science has made remarkable advances within the past 100 years. But an increasing over reliance on synthetic drugs has produced a number of alarming results. Certain strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to many of our most powerful antibiotics. Drugs such as corticosteroids and painkillers are suppressing the immune system and causing a physical dependency upon chemical substances. Our confidence in modern medicine has even led us to the false belief that no matter how poorly we eat, no matter how we abuse our bodies, there will always be a drug to make us better. Only now are we beginning to question this belief as our understanding of the immune system increases.

The specialized cells and tissues of the immune system work in perfect synchronicity to protect the body from the many threats it faces every day. No man-made drug can equal the body’s ability to fight disease. What harmful drugs cannot cure, the immune system can prevent, if it has proper and balanced nutrition.

The science of nutritional immunology emphasizes the importance of consuming a balanced, healthy diet. We need to return to the materials that have been available to mankind for thousands of years: plant foods. Our focus is in learning which plants provide the best sources of nutrition to nourish our immune system.

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