Light Language

Practical Mayan Sacred Geometry



Do you want to increase prosperity, improve or change career, promote healthy relationships, heighten spiritual awareness, provide service to your community and step further on the path of enlightenment?

If you answered “YES” to any or all of the above questions, you may want to request Light Language grids be written to help bring about the changes you desire.

Light Language™ is based on greater than light speed healing techniques passed down through a long lineage of Mayan-Aztec masters. It is still practised by a small tribe in Central Mexico. It is practical, powerful and useful in every area and every level of life.

Light Language structures everything: your home, your relationships, health, prosperity, what you attract and manifest and anything that your aura or thoughts touch.

It is through Light Language your aura is formed. It is through Light Language that SPIRIT knows what you resonate with in life.

Light Language grids can change patterns, facilitate healing, attract prosperity, change the energy of your healing workspace, the energy in a region, the energy between groups and more. You have been unconsciously using grids all your life. Unfortunately, the grids our patterns and belief systems write don’t serve us. Light Languagehelps to restore order from chaos, always operating for one’s highest good.

Light Language is a “caught” teaching. While easy to learn, it cannot be learned just by reading a book or by watching a video or a DVD. To truly learn to work with Light Languagerequires sitting in the presence of a Light Language master. As the student sits in the trained teacher’s presence, she/he subconsciously receives information out of the teacher’s aura. The student is then ready to emanate and write grids using the “caught” colours and sacred geometry sequences.

I was blessed to have been mentored by Light Language master teacher, Sandra Itenson Sweetman, in Canada and am currently assisting Sandra to facilitate workshops in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information about Light Language, visit Sandra’s My Divine Blueprint site or the Light Language main site for a complete list of workshops and events.  Visit Sandra’s Everyday Intuitive blog.

Below is an example of a Light Language community grid.