Support Focus

In my role as Core Vitality Coach, my focus is to guide those seeking vibrant health to remember our natural ways of being and be “plugged in” to our innate body wisdom.

I am passionate about empowering families to adopt simple and effective “whole body wellness” principles.

4 Key Support Areas:

1.  Chemical Free Living to Reduce Toxic Body Burden

2.  Cleansing / Nourishing Body Systems

3.  Dissolving Negative Beliefs / Building Emotional Resilience

4.  Connecting / Aligning with One’s Passion and Purpose

Via our Heart Scents Wisdom training program, my husband Ray and I mentor wellness entrepreneurs to achieve greater vitality, clarity and freedom as ambassadors of the Young Living essential oils whole body wellness lifestyle to inspire transformation both locally and globally.

My continued interest and research involve finding new ways to balance our immune system and new ways to raise our body’s vibrational frequency.

I love supporting families as a health detective by digging deep and connecting the dots to help identify possible root cause(s) contributing to their “lack of ease”.

I pay attention to the dynamics taking place in all four life quadrants: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, with the goal of re-establishing vitality and alignment in all areas.

My special interest is in supporting highly sensitive and highly aware young people, who may be challenged by ADD/ADHD, autism, asthma, eczema, and other physical, mental or emotional sensitivities, to help dissolve the “box” or “label” which confines and defines them.