Play to Win

Frontier Trainings: Experiential Learning At Its Best

How many of you want your business to skyrocket in ANY economy?

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
~ Plato, Greek philosopher ~

In August 2007, my family and I attended a 3 day FREE experiential learning event called PLAY TO WIN presented by Frontier Trainings in San Diego, CA. We enjoyed 3 wonderful days learning business, investment and life principles through participating in 10 fast paced, experiential games and business simulations. After this amazing event, my family and I decided to join the Frontier Community as Lifetime Members to fulfill our commitment to life-long learning.

Frontier Trainings’ founder Clinton Swaine is a powerful, dynamic communicator. He teaches business, investing and financial literacy worldwide through a series of business games that expand the mind, build relationships and teach the knowledge through doing rather than listening.  Clinton presents on stage with many of the top US presenters including T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Bill Bartmann and Chris Howard. He consults to companies such as Chevron and Warner Bros. With consulting experience in 24 different industries and investment experience in projects totaling over $400 million dollars all his games are loaded with real life experience and practical knowledge.

PLAY TO WIN provides a practical, fun and creative forum for business owners and entrepreneurs to acquire effective tools for accelerated growth and success.

I invite all business owners, entrepreneurs, teachers and coaches to consider participating in this unique, experiential learning opportunity. I also highly recommend this event as a unique opportunity for “entrepreneurial minded families” to spend their vacation learning and growing together!

Play Full Out,    

Angela Shim

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