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Brandon Bays – Pioneer of The Journey Process

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The Journey is, as one journalist recently said, “one woman’s refusal to forfeit her knowing to the knife.” Mind, body healing expert Brandon Bays believed so fiercely in her calling that she risked her life to go within, face her demons, and return to perfect health.” She emerged with a technique that has transformed hundreds of thousands of people from physical and emotional wounds.

Brandon was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a basketball, which catapulted her on a remarkable, soul-searching and ultimately freeing healing journey. On this journey she uncovered a simple, yet powerful, step-by-step means to get direct access to the infinite wisdom inside each of us. This wisdom can locate and take you right into old emotional patterns and memories stored in our cells, and release a healing energy that is capable of resolving and clearing those old issues so completely, the body and the being can go about the process of healing naturally.

Six-and-one-half weeks later she was pronounced tumor free, text-book perfect, no surgery or drugs!

Ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. It seems no matter their background, age, culture or upbringing; everyone knows of this huge untapped presence inside and secretly longs to experience it. This presence is awake while asleep at night, making hearts beat, cells replicate and hair grow.

Brandon Bays is a profoundly innovative teacher. She is known for her warmth, caring, and spontaneous humor. Over the last 30-years Brandon has become highly trained in all types of personal development, and remains at the cutting edge of mind-body healing. Her work has been enthusiastically endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert, John Gray, Wayne Dyer, Jane Seymour, Anthony Robbins, and many others.

Journey Seminars are conducted on 5 continents and in scores of countries 47 weeks out of every year by Brandon and those trained by her most deeply in this work. Brandon and her team travel the globe bringing this healing message from London to Sydney to the USA and all points in between.

My husband Ray and I met Skip Lackey, senior Journey facilitator for North America, at the NICU of Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto where each of our sons spent months being nurtured in incubators after their very premature births. I had such a strong memory of Skip’s positive attitude and outlook from those days I was amazed at the serendipity to be able to reconnect with Skip once again 14 years later in 2004. Even though we were living in different parts of the continent, we were linked by a common passion to help people to find their truth and inner balance.

I invite each and everyone of you to experience the Journey process for yourselves by attending the next available Journey Intensive weekend in Canada or the US.  I also highly recommend all parents, grandparents and educators to consider attending the one day “Liberating Your Kids’ Shining Potential” workshop which offers a simple, guided process to help children to experience joy and balance.


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Angela Shim

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